Special Features

Thursday, October 11, 8:00 am  - 9:00 am

Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace to attract and engage tomorrow’s talent

Diversity and inclusion are integral to success in today’s marketplace. Employees’ needs and expectations continue to evolve, as do workforce demographics. Fostering an inclusive culture and mindset at your organization can help to keep your workforce engaged plus plays a pivotal role in attracting the talent you need for the future. This session will look at SAP’s approach to diversity and inclusion, explore insights, and share practical tips for wherever you are on your D&I journey.

Approved for SHRM Professional Development Credits.


Sarah Loucks, Autism at Work Program Global Co-Lead, SAP

Sarah Loucks is an HR professional who enjoys drawing from diverse perspectives to think holistically and question the status quo. She is passionate about creating inclusive workplaces where everyone can shine in their own way. After several years driving strategic topics as an HR business partner, she transitioned to the Global Diversity & Inclusion Office as the global co-lead for SAP’s Autism at Work program.